What happens after I've had The Bonati Procedures?

Immediately following your surgery, you'll move to our state of the art Recovery Area. Like the operating rooms, it is located within the Medical Development Corp. facility, the surgical arm of the 11-acre Bonati Insitute in Hudson, Fl.

While you are recovering from back surgery or neck surgery - remember it will be just a few hours before you are asked to get out of bed and resume your daily activities - you will receive excellent care from the Recovery Area medical staff. You'll be given refreshments and can meet with the family or friends who have accompanied you to The Bonati Institute for your surgery.

You'll also meet with your surgeon who will check on your progress, and discuss your follow-up rehabilitation and physical therapy routine.Finally, when all medical personnel are content with your progress, you'll be released to return to your condo, apartment or hotel room in the Hudson area.

What kind of Rehabilitation or Physical Therapy Will I Undergo?

You'll be expected to stay in Hudson for three or four days before you return home. Each day you'll return to The Bonati Insitute to participate in Rehabiliation or Physical Therapy. The therapies that may be prescribed for you are designed to produce optimum post-operative recovery without the use of narcotics.
Your sessions may include:

  • Pool therapy and aquatics that strengthen muscles through resistance against gentle water flow. An Aqua-ciser is available and is a buoyant endurance builder which reduces stress on the spine while building muscle and cardiovascular endurance.
  • Deep massage in combination with hydrotherapy. Combining the relaxing jets of water therapy with a skilled massage therapist's hands helps to decrease body tension.
  • Physio-therapeutics with ultrasound and hot and cold packs. Outside stimuli such as ultrasound equipment and hot or cold packs can help encourage the recovery process. Through an individualized program or treatment, nerves and muscles are relaxed or stimulated to restore good health.
  • Bio-mechanics and posture training. Our experts will teach you how to move and hold your body in a manner that will help your rehabilitation after you have gone home. Included in your program might be training and educational material that illustrates proper lifting and bending techniques, postural techniques that ease the stress of gravity on your body and mobility procedures that allow freedom of movement necessary to obtain optimal posture.
When you have completed The Bonati Institute's Accelerated Rehabilitation Program, our physical therapy professionals will give you an individualized Home Therapy Program that will help you resume your nomal activity as quickly as possible.

Post-surgical rehabilitation is essestial to a quick return to normal activity and your Home Therapy Program will help treat any residual pain, improve your range of motion and posture and increase your strength and fitness levels.

Our physical therapy experts will design a program for you based on the type of surgical procedure you had as well as the results of a physical therapy evaluation. The physical therapy team will show you the proper way to exercise at home and give you a booklet that will detail the aspects of your home exercise program. Following the exercise routine in the booklet will help to promote a rapid recovery and a quick return to your normal daily activities.